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Veterinary care for dogs and cats is very similar, but for exotic pets, there are a number of differences. Some major. Some minor.

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When it comes to pets, not everyone is a dog or cat person. Some people prefer the more unique pets like snakes or chinchillas. Others live somewhere where dogs and cats aren’t allowed, but small exotic pets are. Or perhaps you love all animal species and have dogs, cats, AND exotic pets.

The team at Broomfield Veterinary Hospital gladly welcomes more than a dozen exotic pet species, in addition to dogs and cats. We provide every patient we see with the same compassionate, high-quality care, whether they have fur, scales, or feathers.

Just as with dogs and cats, caring for an exotic pet involves veterinary care in the form of comprehensive wellness exams. A proper diet is also important for their health. Depending on the species, modifying the temperature of your pet’s environment/enclosure may also be necessary.


Below is a list of all the exotic pets that we provide veterinary care for in Broomfield, CO.

Sugar Gliders

Happy Clients, Healthy Exotic Pets

I brought my sugar glider for a check up and they were absolutely AMAZING my glider love the vet that saw her too ❤ My glider get special treat when she was done for being so good 🍉

The doctor I saw was very knowledgable about my chinchilla. She gave plenty of suggestions on how to increase the quality of care overall that I give my chin. She even offered to have the nurse show me how to administer medication so that I felt more comfortable doing so at home. The staff was friendly, and the clinic was very clean and simple.

I've been bringing my budgies into BVH for several years, both for annual exams and more serious issues (e.g., one of my females became "egg-bound" and required surgery, which went super well). I couldn't be happier with their compassion and expertise.

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