Our Veterinarians

Dr. Guerrera

Bill Guerrera, DVM

Medical Director

 Dr. Guerrera graduated from Colorado State University in 2002, with a strong interest in avian and exotics. He has worked at the Denver Zoo, and has been involved in several field studies including mountain gorillas in Uganda and sea turtles in Costa Rica. Currently, Dr. Guerrera is the primary veterinarian for the Colorado House Rabbit Society. He enjoys anything outdoors, but has a special fondness for bicycling. 

Dr. Fredericks

Lisa Fredericks, DVM

Dr. Fredericks loves veterinary medicine and the challenges of diagnostic medicine.  A 20 year veteran of Broomfield Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Fredericks graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University.  

Dr. Targoff

Dan Targoff, DVM

Dr. Dan Targoff is a Colorado native. Born and raised in the Arvada/Westmister area until venturing off to college at Colorado State University for his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Targoff loves everything about veterinary medicine but has particular interest in pain management, exotics (especially reptiles) and dentistry. Dr. Targoff got his certificate in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture while in veterinary school and has been using acupuncture to help all critters with pain, neurologic disorders and a myriad of other ailments and diseases for the past 6 years. When  not helping pets, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking, music, and brewing beer.  

Dr. Malone

Sarah Malone, VMD

 Dr. Sarah Malone completed her BA in Biology at Cornell University, and went on to veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania to get her VMD.  After graduating in 2008, she completed a one year small animal internship at a private practice in Pennsylvania. She has completed various avian and zoo internships at places such as the National Aviary, Tracy Aviary, the San Diego Zoo and Denver Zoo.  She has also worked as an Emergency Veterinarian for 10 years and enjoys the challenges of emergency medicine.  In her spare time, she is always out in the mountains or rock climbing.  She resides with two chinchillas and a Malayan box turtle. 
Dr. Bui

Christine Bui, DVM

Dr. Christine Bui grew up in Southern California. During her undergraduate studies at UC Davis, and well after graduation, she worked as a Zoo Keeper at the Sacramento Zoo where her passion for veterinary medicine began. Dr. Bui attended Colorado State University and obtained her Master’s in Business Administration and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Her career interests include zoo and exotic medicine, which lead her to spend time at various zoos across the United States and part take in conservation projects in Asia. Dr. Bui’s hobbies include cycling, boxing, and spending as much time as she can outside or traveling with her energetic Jack Russell Terrier, Tanner. 

Tara Dedolph, DVM

Dr. Tara Dedolph has held a lifelong passion for caring for animals of all species. She grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin, and attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison for a Bachelor’s in Psychology followed by a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Her favorite part of being a veterinarian is preventative care and forming relationships with clients and their beloved family members. Dr. Dedolph has a particular fondness for rabbits and aquatic pets, and enjoys staying up to date on the highest standard of care for all species of pets. At home, Dr. Dedolph has two rabbits, Pickle and Bobo, that rule the house. She also has a leopard gecko named Waffles and an ever evolving collection of freshwater fish and aquatic invertebrates. Outside of work, Dr. Dedolph enjoys hiking, cooking, and playing the upright bass. You may find her in a community orchestra near you!

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