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surgical equipment. We also make your pet’s safety and comfort a top priority, in addition to giving you the information you need to care for them at home after surgery.

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Here at Broomfield Veterinary Hospital, we can perform a wide range of soft tissue surgeries for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. The following are among the most common procedures we perform:

These procedures involve sterilizing a pet to prevent them from reproducing. Spaying involves removing the ovaries and uterus of a female pet while neutering involves removing the testicles of a male pet. Spaying and neutering provides a range of health benefits for dogs and cats, which you can learn more about on our Spay & Neuter webpage.

Just like in humans, a mass can sometimes develop on an animal, either on the surface of the skin or beneath it. This growth could be the result of an infection, cyst, tumor, among other reasons. When a mass is determined to be dangerous for a pet, we can surgically remove it. We can also obtain cells from the mass to perform a biopsy so we can determine if the mass is benign or cancerous.

A laceration is a deep wound on the surface of the skin that requires stitches. Pets can get a laceration from a number of things like breaking through a window, getting bitten by another animal, or getting hit by a car. In some cases that involve a minor laceration, we use local anesthesia. However, we use general anesthesia for muscle and other more serious wounds.

Ocular surgery involves a pet’s eyes. It may be required for conditions like cherry eye, cataracts, or chronic eye pain. We can also completely remove a pet’s eye (enucleation) if it’s been severely damaged beyond repair.

Accidents happen, and sometimes they can result in a major injury requiring emergency surgery. Whether your pet has a urinary obstruction, ingested a foreign body, was struck by a car, or needs emergency surgery for any other reason, our compassionate veterinarians can help.


To lower the risk of certain health problems like anemia, clotting disorders, and liver and kidney abnormalities, we conduct a comprehensive wellness exam and blood test on every patient before surgery. We also place an intravenous catheter, which allows us to maintain blood pressure and provide fluids to your pet throughout the procedure to keep them comfortable.

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