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all reptiles should receive a comprehensive wellness exam


The veterinarians at Broomfield Veterinary Hospital are experienced in providing various reptile species with compassionate, high-quality veterinary care.

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We provide veterinary services to the following reptile species:


Aquatic turtles

Lizards (bearded dragons, leopard geckos, chameleons)


One of the most important components of your pet’s care is the annual wellness exam. These visits allow us to examine your pet to ensure they’re healthy. If we detect any abnormalities, we can discuss treatment and/or additional diagnostic testing recommendations.

Caring for Your Reptile at Home

Whether you have a snake, lizard, or hard-shelled reptile, there a few basic elements to consider to keep them safe and healthy: diet, enclosure, temperature, lighting, and humidity.

  • Diet: Reptiles can be carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous, so it’s important to know your specific pet’s diet requirements before bringing one home.
  • Enclosure: The enclosure options are similar for all reptiles, but sizes vary. Be sure you know the correct size to purchase, relative to your pet’s current and future size.
  • Temperature: Most reptiles are cold-blooded, so they rely on their environment for warmth. This is why it’s important to keep your reptile in a very warm area.
  • Lighting and Humidity: Reptiles also require humidity and UV light, since they absorb water through their skin or lungs. They absorb light through their skin as well for its vitamin content.

The following chart provides more details about the specific needs of reptiles, based on species:

Snakes Lizards Aquatic Turtles Tortoises
Diet Mice, rats, and other whole prey (carnivorous) Varies by species Plant and animal matter (omnivorous) Mostly dark, leafy greens (herbivorous)
Enclosure Terrarium or screen enclosure Terrarium or screen enclosure Terrarium or aquarium Terrarium or aquarium
Temperature 70-95° F 80-110° F 75-95° F 75-95° F
Lighting UVB and UVA UVB and UVA UVB and UVA UVB and UVA
Humidity 50-60% 30-80% 60-80% 50-60%

See a chart that provides more details about the specific needs of reptiles, based on species below:

We’ll be happy to discuss these topics with you more in detail at your next visit, as some requirements vary by species.

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