Pet Euthanasia
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It’s a tough question to answer when it comes to a beloved pet. Don’t answer it alone. The caring team at Broomfield Veterinary Hospital is experienced with end of life care and can help you make this and other decisions during this difficult time. While some pets may pass naturally and without pain, pet owners may opt for humane euthanasia.

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Certain pet species can live a few decades or longer, but others have a much shorter lifespan, even if they’re healthy. Broomfield Veterinary Hospital offers humane euthanasia services for dogs, cats, and exotic pets to give them a peaceful, painless transition over the Rainbow Bridge. We can also discuss other options, such as hospice care, if it’s determined that your pet can benefit from it. However, if you decide that a humane euthanasia would be the best decision for your pet and your family, here’s what to expect:

Upon Your Arrival

We know this visit will be very emotional and difficult. We also know that not every pet owner wants the same thing after saying goodbye to a pet. That’s why we provide several after-care options. One of our staff members will discuss these options with you shortly after your arrival. Some owners choose to bury their pet in their back yard or a pet cemetery while others prefer that their pet be cremated so they can keep their ashes. Whatever you decide, we’ll ask that you indicate your decision by filling out some paperwork. We can also discuss memorial options.

About the Euthanasia Process

Pet euthanasia involves ending an animal’s life in a humane manner, but before the process begins, we know you’ll want some privacy. Once you’ve been escorted to a room with your pet, we’ll give you all the time you need to be alone with your pet to say goodbye. Reflect on the good times. Give them a final hug or head scratch. Do whatever you need to do during this time.

When you’re ready, we’ll place an intravenous catheter on your pet and begin the process, which consists of two injections. The first is a sedative to relax your pet. The second is the euthanasia solution, which will stop the heart within seconds. You can, once again, spend as much alone time as you would like with your pet after the euthanasia is complete.

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