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all rodent pets should receive a comprehensive wellness exam


The skilled veterinarians at Broomfield Veterinary Hospital are experienced in providing various rodent species with the high-quality, compassionate care they deserve.

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Rodent Species We Treat

We proudly provide veterinary services to the following rodent species:


Guinea pigs



Most rodents live for only a few years, with the exception of chinchillas, which can live up to 20 years. They can make great pets for people of all ages, but gerbils and rats are typically the friendliest. Rats are also easy to train and highly intelligent.

Regardless of what species your furry friend is, one of the most important components of their overall health is a comprehensive wellness exam. We recommend that you bring your pet in to Broomfield Veterinary Hospital at least once a year to receive a physical exam and discuss any recommended treatment options, if necessary.

How to Care for Your Rodent at Home

Whether you have a rat, guinea pig, hamster, or chinchilla, it’s important to consider their diet, activity and behavior, and housing if you want them to live a happy, healthy, and safe life.

  • Normal Diet: All rodents should be fed a quality pellet-based diet, in addition to fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs and chinchillas also require hay to be part of their diet.
  • Typical Activity/Behavior: Some rodents are nocturnal (night), some are diurnal (day), and some are crepuscular (twilight). In terms of behavior, most rodents are social, curious, and energetic creatures.
  • Best Enclosure: Housing needs vary by rodent species. See the chart below to learn more.

See a chart that provides details about the specific needs of rodents, based on species below:

The following chart provides details about the specific needs of rodents, based on species:

  Rats Guinea Pigs Hamsters Chinchillas
Diet Good-quality rat pellets, fruits, and vegetables Grass hay, timothy-hay based pellets, and fresh vegetables Good-quality hamster pellets, rodent chow, vegetables, fruit, and grass hay Grass hay, timothy-hay based pellets, fruit, and vegetables
Activity/Behavior Social, curious, trainable, intelligent, nocturnal Vocal, gentle, social, lively, curious, most diurnal (awake during day hours) Nocturnal, large cheek pouches used for food storage, energetic Social, crepuscular (active during twilight) or nocturnal, need dust baths
Enclosure Well-ventilated, wire mesh walls, paper-based absorbent bedding Well-ventilated, paper-based absorbent bedding Spacious, ample nesting material, tunnels, exercise wheels Spacious, multi-level, paper-based absorbent bedding, jumping platforms

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