In Memory of Dr. Lisa Fredericks

Dr. Fredericks
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Dr. Fredericks unexpectedly succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer on April 10, 2021.

Lisa’s loss is an unfathomable blow to the Broomfield community. As a 20+ year veteran of Broomfield Veterinary Hospital, Lisa was the embodiment of what our staff strives to be; empathetic, approachable, and passionate. Dr. Fredericks had such a special relationship with her clients. Many of you saw Dr. Fredericks as not only your family veterinarian, but as a friend. Lisa always arrived at work early, set our team up with a strong pot of coffee, and dove into her work with the deepest dedication. She was a loyal and honest practitioner whose empathy touched the hearts of so many of her clients. She always carried herself with a poise and grace that instantly made clients feel like they were in good hands, and they certainly were.

When she took off the doctor’s coat, Lisa was just as incredible as she was in her professional role. She had a wicked, dry sense of humor that always kept our team laughing. You could always count on her to have a quippy remark to break the tension when times got tough. She was a loyal friend, an invaluable mentor, and her advice was always worth listening to. She is undoubtedly being greeted at the rainbow bridge by a tidal wave of pets whose lives she changed for the better.

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