COVID-19 Updates

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The pandemic has changed so much for all of us, and we want to thank you for your continued support during the last 14 months. After careful consideration, our hospital has made the decision to begin offering limited in-hospital service to our clients for examinations only. In an effort to keep both our clients and team members as safe as possible, we ask that you please respect and follow our in-hospital service guidelines.

Despite the recent lifting of Colorado’s mask mandate for vaccinated individuals, we will require all clients and staff to wear masks in our hospital regardless of one’s vaccination status.

All technician appointments, prescription food and medication, surgery/hospitalization admissions and discharges, will still be done using our current curbside service. Additionally, clients with emergency arrivals or those without a scheduled appointment will be brought inside only if there is exam room availability.

Our exam rooms are very small! With the exception of end-of-life services, we ask that only one person accompany their pet into the building for wellness and ill pet exams. If you have children with you, please let us know and we are happy to see your pet using our curbside service. To maintain personal distancing, we will need to separate you and your pet for a brief time so that your veterinarian can do a thorough exam outside of the room and perform any necessary diagnostics or treatments.

We truly appreciate your patience as we introduce and adjust to our new in-hospital service protocol.

Here is what to expect when you visit Broomfield Vet for your pet’s examination:

· When you arrive at the hospital, please remain in your vehicle until a staff member checks you in over the phone. Once checked in, you will be asked to walk up to either Door 1 or Door 2. You and your pet will then be escorted into the building. If our exam rooms are full, we may need to start your appointment using our standard curbside service.

· Hand sanitizer will be available for use inside the hospital. If you do not have a mask or only have a neck gaiter, a mask will be provided.

· Your technician will collect a brief patient history and will bring your pet into an adjacent exam area where safe personal distance can be maintained.

· After your veterinarian has examined your pet to discuss a diagnostic and treatment plan.

· If extensive diagnostics are recommended (ie. bloodwork and radiographs), we may ask that you wait in your vehicle until services are completed.

· Whenever possible, payment will be collected in the exam room to minimize contact with other clients in the reception area.

We would appreciate any feedback that could help us improve our new process. We will continue to reassess CDC and local guidance on the everchanging COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to return to our normal operations in the very near future. Thank you for your continued loyalty and understanding!

*Curbside Appointments include cellphone communication with the staff and your veterinarian. We will bring your pet unaccompanied into the building for exam and care. This is still the safest way to protect all parties from exposure to the COVID-19 and we recommend this service for families with children, unvaccinated and/or high-risk individuals. You may request this type of appointment at the time of scheduling your pet’s appointment.

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