10 Tips for the First Night With Your New Puppy

First night new puppy in Broomfield, CO
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10 Tips for the First Night With Your New Puppy

The first night with a new puppy is a very exciting time, but it can be nerve-wracking as well. Luckily, there are some helpful tips that can help the first few days with a new puppy go smoothly.

Having supplies and a space ready for your puppy before they arrive will be incredibly helpful. It is also a good idea to take the time to bond with your puppy for the first few days. This will help establish trust and make the process more positive and fun for both of you.

Here we will be giving you our top ten tips for the first night with your new puppy. These tips are sure to make this exciting time at least a little more stress-free. Let’s dive right in!

1.   Set up a Comfortable Space for Your New Puppy

It is a good idea to have a space ready for your puppy. This space should be a safe and comfortable place to relax. Having this space enclosed will provide you with a safe place to leave your puppy when you can’t be watching them such as when you are cooking or taking a shower.

Playpens and dog crates are all excellent enclosed spaces that are safe and comfortable for puppies. Placing safe toys, beds, and blankets will help this space feel more comfortable and inviting for your puppy. It is also a good idea to slowly acclimate your puppy to this space using crate training methods.

2.   Have all Supplies Bought and Ready

No one wants to worry about going to the pet store once their new puppy is home. It is best to have all supplies already purchased and set up in your home before your new puppy arrives. This will help reduce your stress and allow you to spend all of the first night with your puppy bonding. Here is a checklist of puppy supplies.

  • Food and water bowls
  • Puppy food
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Dog bed and blankets
  • Cleaning supplies (for cleaning up accidents)
  • A leash and collar/harness
  • Grooming supplies (brush, nail clippers, dog toothpaste and toothbrush, etc.)

3.   Take the Time to Bond With Your New Puppy

Taking the time to bond with your new puppy on the first night is extremely important. This will establish trust and a relationship with your new puppy, which will make training easier and time spent together a lot more fun.

You can bond with your new puppy by playing with toys, giving them treats and food, and cuddling with them on the couch. You can also take the time to teach them a few tricks, but don’t spend too much time training on the first day.

First night new puppy in Broomfield, CO

4.   Sleep in the Same Room

Most puppies are not used to sleeping alone when they get to their new home. Even if the puppy was not sleeping in the same room as people before reaching your house, they were almost definitely sleeping in the same room with their mother and littermates.

Keeping this into consideration, it is a good idea to start off by sharing your bedroom with your new puppy. This is even if you do not plan on having your puppy sleep in your room most of the time. Taking the time to gradually acclimate your puppy to sleep on their own will make them feel much less anxious.

You do not necessarily need to have your new puppy sleep in your bed either. A crate that is in clear view of you and your bed will work just fine.

5.   Place Their Crate in Clear View of You

Placing your puppy’s crate or playpen in clear view of you can help reduce their anxiety when it is not time for bed as well. This is mainly for the first night going into the first few days since this is when your new puppy is getting used to their environment.

For example, if you need to cook dinner on the first night with your new puppy it is a good idea to have their crate or playpen facing the kitchen. This way your puppy knows that you are still there.

6.   Set a Routine

Most dogs thrive when they have a routine. As a result, it is a good idea to have a basic routine in mind before your puppy comes home. This doesn’t need to be extreme. It is just a good idea to feed and take your puppy out at around the same time each day. This routine will likely change a bit as your puppy grows up.

7.   Take Plenty of Potty Breaks

Puppies need to take a lot of potty breaks, especially when they are young. This is not only because young puppies are not potty trained yet, but also because they do not know how to hold their bladders very well at a young age.

For example, puppies between 8 and 10 weeks old will need to go out about once every 2 hours. As your puppy gets older, you can add time to this.

8.   Have Items That Remind Your Puppy of Their Mom and Littermates

Many reputable dog breeders, rescues, and animal shelters will provide you with an item that smells like your young puppy’s mother and littermates. This is usually a comfort item such as a blanket or stuffed toy. Providing your puppy with an item like this can help them to relax, especially at night.

9. Stay Positive

Puppies are very sensitive, and most of the time they respond best to positive reinforcement training methods. So, it is best to try and stay positive when getting to know your new puppy. When feeling frustrated, taking a break and revisiting the issue or task at hand will help keep the experience fun and positive for your puppy.

10. Remember to Have Fun!

A new puppy is a fun and exciting moment in anyone’s life. It is important to remember to have fun while getting to know your new furry best friend. Remember to take the time to play some games and cuddle with your new puppy. Soak in the quality time! After all, your dog will only be a puppy once.


Bringing a new puppy home is a wonderful, fun experience, but it can seem daunting at first! As your prepare to bring your new puppy home for their first night at home, you can refer back to this blog for some helpful tips and information during this transitionary period.

If you adopt a new puppy in Broomfield, CO, contact Broomfield Veterinary Hospital. Our expert veterinarians can give your new dog a wellness exam and give advice on what to do with a new puppy at home. Call us at 303-466-1764 or make an appointment today!

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